Our mission

It is our mission to help organisations transform the heart of leadership.

THLconcepts exists to help organizations build a world-class leadership culture that will transform the workplace into a talent magnet. Its unique end-to-end holistic approach to leadership cultural transformation is focused on transforming the heart of leadership, engaging the mind of leadership and influencing the behavior of leadership.


Our THL Blueprint

At the core of leadership cultural transformation is the Leadership Heart Wheel that presents the 12 desirable leadership attributes that make up the "good heart" or good character of a good leader. Our THL Blueprint is a powerful tool to help achieve radical workplace and leadership transformation. It is made up of our 3-step end-to-end holistic approach to eliminate workplace toxicity and building a world-class leadership culture, supported by the THL methodology.

Ruth Alvarez

"The heart of good leadership is the good heart of a leader."


Managing Director

Ruth Alvarez is a leadership heart transformation mentor, a strategist, and a risk specialist. She makes it her mission to help organizations develop a world-class leadership culture that brings out the best in people, produces talent, retains talent, and attracts talent in the market-place.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Macquarie University Graduate School of Management, Sydney Australia. She is also a Fellow at the Institute of Management and Leaders (FIML), Australia and New Zealand.

She has over 10 years of management consulting experience with large international consulting firms, and over ten years of corporate management roles in strategy,  enterprise-wide transformation, and risk and compliance management. She has worked with a diverse range of organizations in the finance and banking industry, the airline and aerospace industry, energy and government sectors and have helped solve complex management issues and problems. She has also worked with the Australian regulator in the financial services industry supervising a portfolio of foreign banks and credit unions.

She is currently completing her book entitled "Transforming the Heart of Leadership".

When Ruth isn't helping businesses improve their corporate culture, she's spending time with her family, cooking, and developing a highly interactive app of Bible stories for children.


Organisations Ruth has worked with

Over the last 30 years, Ruth has solved a diverse range of management issues and problems both in her role as a management consultant for international consulting firms like Arthur Andersen and in her corporate management roles in the banking, airline, and the government sectors.

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