and be a talent magnet in the marketplace!


Stop talent loss

It is our mission to help organizations transform the heart of leadership to create work environments where leaders feel the highest sense of fulfillment and pride in helping improve someone else’s life and help realize other people’s dreams. In other words, transform the organisation into a talent magnet in the marketplace!

Cure the toxic workplace

We are passionate about eliminating toxicity in the workplace! Unfortunately, most solutions don’t address the real underlying problem. ‚ÄčWe attack workplace toxicity at its root: toxic leadership. We take a holistic approach to help organizations recognize toxic leadership and transform it using our THL method.

Develop world-class leaders

We are passionate about helping organizations develop leaders that bring out the best in people, value people and recognize people’s potentials. Encourage and support people to become what they aspire to be or be better persons than they themselves can ever imagine. Leaders that produce talentretain talent, and attract talent in the marketplace.

Online Workplace Assessment

We have online assessment tools to help identify workplace and leadership issues and opportunities for improvement.

The online Workplace Toxicity Assessment will help determine the toxicity level in the workplace. 

The Leadership Heart Check will help determine how strongly a leader possesses the 12 leadership attributes that make up a good “heart” or good character of a leader. 

Online Courses

We have online courses that will help you detoxify your workplace and transform the heart of leadership. The courses are designed to guide your transformation journey to make your workplace into a talent magnet!

The courses can be completed at your own pace and includes group coaching calls, membership to the THL community and the THL mastermind groups.

They give you access to valuable materials: our end-to-end holistic approach to curing workplace toxicity (THL Blueprint) and the THL leadership cultural transformation toolbox.

"Ruth is an excellent presenter. Her approach to developing a world-class leadership culture is both radical and compelling. It goes beyond leadership skills and attacks leadership issues at the core: the heart of leadership. She did not only reduce the complex task of transforming leadership culture into simple, easy to follow practical steps but has also provided tools that helped to effectively implement her proposed solutions. In a short period of time, we were able to see positive results. I am recommending her to my business partners."

Bill Farias
Managing Director, LFM (Lexus Finance and Marketing)

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